Laravel DOMDocument() class not found

If you are using DOMDocument class in Laravel, you might be facing this problem that Laravel DOMDocument() class not found. It’s because, in laravel 5, you must prefix the class name with the global namespace prefix ‘\’.

A sample code is given below.



Laravel Full Text Search

It’s often required to make a full-text search in your table. However, the concept is not that easy to understand. In this tip, I will show you how to do search full-text in laravel for 1 or more than 1 column.

Database table setup:

Need to change table structure a bit in order to implement full-text.



In general, we can write a code to search data based on any specific keyword. That’s fine. However, our aim to search data and return a result based on most equivalent results.

In raw PHP-MySq

This query brings records based on search string from the database. Now in Laravel, you can write this query-

This one also brings the same result. Nice.

What if you need to get results based on matching score in a descending way? Well, you can do that too.

Obviously, you can apply more logic here.