How to start Laravel as a fresh

Are you new at Laravel? Do you have the same question that, how to start Laravel? I strongly believe that it’s normal to everyone, you, me, and other devs those are good at laravel.


So, I have few recommendations for newcomers at laravel. Today, I am sharing with you guys.

A guidebook cannot be an alternative of Main Book. From that principle, I strongly recommend to check laravel documentations.

  • Read Laravel Documentation every single day.  My suggestion is, read, understand and practice the documentation as much as you can.
  • It’s a bit confusing for a newcomer, right? Well, go to this series that is completely free. Special thanks to Jeffrey Way.
  • Come back to point 1 again, read, read and read the documentation.
  • Spend some times to read other’s code. This is really important to understand the code.
  • Now, join in different types laravel communities (Laracasts , Stackoverflow, Laravel Forum, etc.) and try to solve other’s problem. It will boost up your skills.


Since Laravel follows the MVC pattern on OOP, it’s highly recommended to have a clear understanding of Object Oriented PHP.  This portion particularly for them those doesn’t have the clear concept on OOP.

Again Jeffrey did some incredible job for PHP. I can recommend you to watch and practice that.


Now, finally, I always love to read books. I strongly believe, reading is one of the best way to make clear of any concept. So, there are few recommendations I grab from laracasts.


Any suggestion, opinion, feel free to knowck me.