Using Laravel Translation Strings in Vue.js

I found one of the interesting tutorials for Laravel Translation with VueJS. This post is just providing Jeff Madsen‘s post here for my readers.

One issue you will face if you need to make a multi-lingual site is how to keep your translations organized for both your back-end framework and your javascript components. I’m going to demonstrate the basic technique for this, using Laravel and Vue.js for my example.

What is this?

You should know right off the bat that the technique I’m showing is completely framework — and even language — agnostic. The idea behind it would work just as well for a .Net app fronted with Ember.js, for example.

I’m writing this at two levels, so you are free to read according to what you need to get out of this. If you are simply looking for a solution for your Laravel and Vue app, go ahead and look at the code boxes. If you read the paragraph above about .Net and are scratching your chin, we’ll explain a little deeper what we are actually doing in addition to working with the code libraries themselves.